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Calling the the HandStand a case is an unterstatment, since it's really a holder and stand. This product allows an ipad 1 to be comfortable held in either hand and it rotates 360 degress. It also doubles as a stand to orientate the ipad in a portrait or landscape mode. It's constructed from durable, but flexible 100% recyclable polyurethane so the ipad is protected. This is a perfect product for home users, but perfect for industrial, commercial users or a hospital environment.



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oh Rodney find us some ipad 2 casese lol

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I voted 100% Kickass! because its a 100% green product. Apart from that... ah... i dont care. I dont have anything that starts with an "i"... We here in Europe are not Steve Jobs slaves because we have a lot of stuff to choose from. And our cellphones have coverage even in the subway, so buying a thing just for its looks is just dumb. iPhone, iPad or any apple stuff here is a major no no. Overpriced and overated. We have much better and cheaper stuff than Apple trash. But i have to admit that the iPhone is a very beautiful papper weight.

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Lol. Don't get green washed. Do you know what their manufacturing process is? Do you know what their pollution footprint is? What makes their product green besides the fact it is recyclable? Was it made from post consumer use plastics? Don't get all excited because they throw a green stamp on something, Apple got taken off the list by Greenpeace for good reasons and they paraded their green product b.s. like no other.

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That's true, green is usually never 100% green from start to finish. Although, you have to give them credit for at least trying to be a little green by using 100% recyclable material.

Rodney Reynolds,

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For a table, iPads are hard to beat for that overall "tablet experience", and I've used Windows 7 tables and Android tablets/smartphones.


its so i can break the stupid tablet using my palm!