Thermaltake V9 BlacX Edition Case Review

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The Thermaltake V9 BlacX Edition Case is a great case. It has lots of fans, drives, drive docking stations, side window, nice styling, black interior and more. If you're looking for an affordable mid-tower case be sure to check this one out.



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How do you install a 70mm fan behind the motherboard?


Wher can I hide the cables?


Where can I hide the cables?

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I don't understand case companies sometimes. Why would you take the time and resources to make the 5&1/4 bays and front fan have a dust filter when there is a ton of ventilation holes on both sides of the case. With a top 200+ mm fan and a 120mm exhausting and only 1 120 intake obviously air and dust is coming in through those holes. I know its not that big a deal but make the case 5 dollars more and add some filters on the vents or make it 5-10 cheaper and leave out the other filters. I see more and more cases with this flaw but no one seems to mention it.

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For the docking station that has USB ports, I certainly don't like the panel recessed.

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That case looks nice, and I think it's cool you listened to my personal advice to change up the theme of your web site to upcoming games =P

Looks cool, I think homefront looks like a better version of crappy call of duty =/

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We sold a bunch computers with the old V9 cases at work about a year or so ago. We had about 3 of them come back t us with faulty top fans. They would make a really loud ticking noise. One of the ones that came back had even broken off one of the blades.

After that we started using the V3, which is a great little case, but after that got discontinued we use the V4, which is basically the same except a little bit better.

Having USB 3 is good, but I dont like the big cable hanging out the back.


I have the normal V9 And I love the design.
But those toolless fasteners for expansion cards/HDs/ODs are poorly designed. I removed them all.
1. those couldn't keep my 5870 firmly attached. It was very flimsy.
2. No rubber inserts in hard drive fasteners (some resonation) and those too are very flimsy.

I recommend every owner of one of V9 cases to remove those and use screws instead!

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I pretty much did the same as you with the V8. I removed the tooless features and used screws.

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i really like this case, i would buy it for next build if not for a few things
there weren't any extra fan supports
the usb3.0 thing was just silly, should connect right to MOBO

if i bought this, i would definately do some modding, i would add fittings for extra fan on window, somehow connect usb3.0 to the mobo directly (somehow)
perhaps even cut out an extra slot on front for another fan

it's a real shame, i love the way it looks, it just doesn't have some features i would need

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V9 doesn't look like much of an improvement over the V8 in build quality.. I'd give this a needs work.

Pedro Arvelos
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I hate the side window. But the docking stations are great. The 3.0 USB cable hanging outside the case looks goofy thought. In the end... it needs work.


IMO the USB 3.0 external cable is kinda silly, I think most motherboard have internal USB 3.0 ports as well?