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The Thermaltake Armor A30 SFF Case is one of the best in it's class. It has a long list of features like; plenty of fans with filters, lots of drive bays, windows, ventilation, ample room inside, removable motherboard tray and more. If you're in the market for a SFF case, this just might be it!




I'm am planning on building a SFF gaming rig with an i7-3770k and a GTX 680 or 690. Having trouble choosing a case. Should I go with the Thermaltake Armor A30, Thermaltake LANBOX Lite (with window), or a Silverstone Sugo sg08?


IMO APlus Blockbuster CS/ APlus Blockbuster Storm beats this. It is super light, made of Aluminum, inexpensive, has a 120mm fan at the back where you can mount your water-cooling, still allows for long GPUs. Storm is the version with windows and 25cm exhaust fan on top, CS is the version which looks more basic. One problem it has though is that the exhaust of the powerful GPU will go straight into the PSU giving you quite a bit of extra noise.

Unfortunately, it's not made any longer, hasn't been for quite a few years. Bummer.

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My current PC is in a giant case and is quite faulty so i'm going to buy a new one i'm going to get this

ASUS Republic of Gamers Micro ATX bored. (can't remember model)
Intel Core I7 2700K
Keeping my Existing Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB DDR3 RAM
OCZ ModXStream Pro 700W ATX PSU
ATI Radeon HD7970

Now I know all them items will work together my question is will they all fit in the Thermaltake A30 case due to the size limitations?

Also what sort of cooler can I put in there and if preffered could I have a watercooled CPU cooler such as a Corsair H80 and then mount the radiator to the top of the case instead of the top exhaust fan


It will only fit MATX motherboards, so i would recommend the the ASUS Maximus IV GENE, it is a MATX 1155 board.


Will this case fit Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z, a Noctua NH-C14 cooler and full size GTX580 cards?


Yes it being a MATX board


I'm a LAN gamer. COD4 team player. SFF cases 4 LANs are great, but in my experience, a HANDLE @this tipe of chasis is a MUST!, remember TT had a SFF LAN case with handele? (ie the TT LANBOX VF1000).. i wonder why TT eliminated this feature!??
[img] [/img]
IMO TT LANBOX case is still the best gamer LAN case out there.


Does it fit in a h50 / h70 liquid cooling?


Great case!!! i put inside a coolermaster aquagate mini R80 :D
Here is the result :D


Did you change the tubing or just paint it with UV glowing paint?


There is a link of the water cooled Thermaltake Armor A30..


with clever modding I see dumping the whole 5.25" mounting bracket- and maybe the 3.5" one on the bottom too- and fitting in some water cooling components as a very possible thing without too much work...

i like this case and see some real promise for modders fitting a lot of hardware in a small box!


For those who think this case is unique, just go ahead and google the Thermaltake Lanbox (or Lanbox lite). It's for the most part the same chasis design with the same modular features with only a few new features like support for full length cards while KEEPING the hard drive cage as well as the top exhaust fan and the new styling of the exterior. I somewhat like the update but have found better options with this form factor, one big one for a wishlist is some form of cable management (a man can dream!)

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small form factor, is ok.
But he case needs a bit more work.
one thing that i noticed, is the 3.5" vertical slot, needs to go. adn like Rod said no water cooling socket ports. or even any way to mount a external water cooling system.
the side widows, need to go. sure there nice looking but to me the window needs to be on top.
they could include a carry strap system. larger feet like folding feet/rotating feet.
other hten that, over all it is a nice small form-factor case.

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I wish I could see this little case loaded with some hardware. I guess the power supply will stop the air flow to the top fan and the cable management will be awful. But overall...this is a kickass product. :)


If this case could fot a standard ATX motherboard, I would definately buy this! It's a shame almost all SFF don't have this. The case looks amazing though! Very unique!

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looks unique!

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Looks like a nice case for the small form factor. With a little modding I could add extra cooling and maybe some handles.

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I'd prefer an SFF case with a Micro-ATX power supply that takes up less space than a standard power supply. :)

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Great looking SFF case with a lot of nice features. The side windows could be modified to take maybe 80mm fans for even more cooling.

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It actually seems pretty good. It looks kind of big for a SFF case though. It would have been nice to see dust filters on the side panel vents as well.

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I gotta say, Small form factors do interest me. But I feel it doesn't compare to the NZXT Vulcan, not enough fan power, no handle and the power buttons really low.

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"I gotta say, Small form factors do interest me. But I feel it doesn't compare to the NZXT Vulcan, not enough fan power, no handle and the power buttons really low."

Lol your comparing 2 totally different types of cases all together in size. That's like saying Comparing a Form Factor to a Midtower.

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I agree completely!
This case rocks in many ways for a SFF case!

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excellent little case! definitely would be my first choice for a small pc.