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The Antec Six Hundred (600) V2 Case is an affordable case that has excellent features and bold styling. Things that stand out include the top 200mm top fan, fan controller & hot swappable 2.5" drive option. If you are on a budget and need a great case, this just might be it.



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I bought this case which was a great mistake. It feels very cheap. I couldn't believe it doesn't have tool-less design to install drives. I paid £65 for this. I paid £35 for CM Elite 430 Black and it has tool-less design to install drives. Only pros about this case is fan-controller.

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junk is a nice term to be used against this case and most of Antec's newest products and cases, they going down hill or what?


I don't understand how Rodney can give this a "Great product" rating with 4 out of 6 stars...

The only thing that looks nice is the top fan area and the fan itself is nice and big but the rest of the case is just horrible. Both in looks and function.
Given, it is a "budget" case but there are many budget cases out there that are bold in looks and isn't as horrible as this case.

Once again, Antec has failed in making a case and should stop doing these!

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it just looks cheaply made..

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At 8:26 when he said, "They do have what's important on the inside," I thought there was going to be a removable motherboard tray.

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Antec should seriously try and make some new cases, those dark fleet series was a complete letdown, looked like a toy and wasn't completely tool-less.

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This is why I never recommend Antec at work. I also can not figure out the obsession with exterior mounted 2.5 slots. Nearly every case coming out from them has it and I think it's really stupid. Hot swap is fine, but I will never use a crappy 2.5 HDD for storage. And there is no way I'm leaving a $150-300 SSD hanging out of there. I've opened a few of these at work. Build quality is not that hot in my opinion. We have some no name cases that are nicer and we can price them better. I will keep sending customers to the Cooler Master cases and the Corsair 600T. Way better features and build quality in all price brackets then the comparable Antecs.


Terrible case.

Antec has learnt nothing. Punchout panels on a name brand is just ridiculous. They leave sharp edges and can cause cuts. This rig has no cable management, no front fan and no tooless design. It get's a big fat ZERO from me and I think most of your voters agree. This is a Bad Product.


The top rails are not designed to support the weight of
your computer. Please do not use them as handles to
carry your case. "

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Well, I can tell you right now, people are gonna be lifting the case with those top thingies!

Rodney Reynolds,


Please enable YouTube comments on your videos. I understand you want people to visit your website but please don't force us.

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Antec Three Hundred (300) would have been a greater buy. Seriously.

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I really don't care for black interior, even for gaming, but I really think this case needs work. It needs cable management holes for the motherboard tray.

I could go with aluminum for the inside, but if only I can afford it.

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PC: Tt Core V21; Kaveri APU, 16GB RAM, GTX 960, Arch Linux
Server: Rosewill Legacy V6-S, AMD Athlon 5350 APU, 8GB RAM, 90W DC-IN PSU, Ubuntu Server

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There are many cases for the same price that would be a better buy i think Antec should have taken a look at the market b4 pricing this at $90. I love my NZXT Tempest Evo i got for $90 it came with all 6 fans included, cable management holes, all black interior, and tool free drive installation. The COOLER MASTER Storm Scout for the same price in my opinion would b another great buy over the Antec 600 V2.

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The case itself is good for non-gaming rigs, but for me it really needs work; the looks is pretty good but the inside... if it were black and had some holes for cables, It will be a great buy for lan partys.


I'm a big fan of antec but this case is terrible.