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The NZXT Bunker USB Locking Device is a one-of-a-kind locking system to secure USB devices. Most USB devices can be installed; such as mice, keyboard, cables, thumb drives, etc. A perfect product for schools, LAN parties or if you just want to keep your USB devices safe from tampering.



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It has more uses than as a lock too. For one it looks great and hides the USB ports behind a good looking door. Not only does it remove the ugly look of ports on your case it removes the ugly look of plugs sticking out of your case and instead you simply have a wire coming out the front, which is much nicer looking. I wish they would make one of these with audio jacks(headphone/mic). I despise the pink plug for my headsets mic sticking out of the front of my case.


This product is not secure in any way because they've stuck a generic lock on the front.
I have dozens of keys like that from various "computer" locks.

dont waste your money thinking this will offer any protection at all.

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I think this would be really handy for wireless dongles that don't get very good signal behind the case. A lot cleaner look with no USB drives poking out the front of the case. Not as easy to break those USB ports either. I've broken a few by catching clothing on a drive that was plugged in.


A nice idea but it needs some more work.
I don't think that you can install a USB Stick and next to it a mouse cable. I'm not talking about large USB Sticks but also the ordinary ones are pretty large. Even this is may not made for long USB sticks it looks as if you have a hard time closing the door after you pluged in a USB stick.
Moreover the plate seems to not really go in again after you pulled it out. Some seperate keys would also be nice because it seems that this is you standart HDD cage locker which many people have. Not some super high end electronic key, but maybe not the standart one.
It looks like USB 2.0 since version 3.0 is out the product could be upgraded to this as well.

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it looks a little bit fragile for being a lock

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Protecting that $100 gaming mouse and keyboard is amazing load off your heart at Lan parties. I still dream of making a portable Desktop computer and right now I am convinced this needs to be in it as well. Thank you Rodney.

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It would be good at lans of you are worried about people stealing your stuff

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Wow! Like the new look around here Rodney! I had to quickly check if I was really on 3DGameman LOL.

I have worked in a coprporate and home setting for many years and never seen a need for a product like this. Matter of fact, most business are outlawing USB drives. I have kids, and the only thing ever in fear of getting wrecked by them was my toddler wanting to feed dad's CD drive money when no one was looking. No big deal.

It might be an OK product, but my question is: why?

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Yea, we are working on integrating this custom dark widescreen theme throughout the site. There are many more tweaks though before it's finished. Glad you like it.

Rodney Reynolds,

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mmmmm.... interesting...
But im the type to use USB Stuff behind the case xD
and only use the front ports for usb drives and memory readers

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Pedro Arvelos
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There are some anoying kids that keep pulling cables and shit. This might be good for some desperated dads. The problem is if the kid pulls it, all PC comes behind and lands on top of the kid. Wonderful for those who have a HighTower like me. We can make "kid pancake"... SPLAT!!!


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It's not supposed to be a Fort Knox, but it might help if someone keeps removing your mouse.

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LOL! "It does look [pause] bunkery."


locking down usb peripherals by the cord is a little pointless. All a thief has to do is cut the cord and put a new usb connector on later. It is quite easy.


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Looks like a pain to use when you wanna secure a mouse or something with a cord.


It's using a standard industrial key, that provides no more security than a screw. Hell a torx security screw would be more secure and you pick up packs of those bits for a few quid on Amazon. If you want real security then look to Kengsington (they've offered peripheral locks for many years).