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The Lancool PC-K63 Case is manufactured by Lian Li and it shows. The styling is very pleasing to the eye and should satisfy most tastes. Case appearance is important but so are features and build quality, which this case has lots of. If you're in the market for a well designed case that has plenty of drive bays, lots of fans, cable management system, a large window and so much more, this might just be it.




I'm wondering if the top of the case has support for two 120mm fans so that I may put a 240 radiator there?


I recently got this case and absolutely love it.

one small problem though, the PWR LED connector has slots for 3 pins, when theres only two pins on the motherboard for + and - PWR LED. right now i have it as:

blank | blank | PWR SW | PWR SW | no pin
HDD LED | HDD LED | ResetSW| rst SW | +5v blank

i've been looking all over the internet and i can't find any information on this, its a small issue but its clearly bothering me lol. any help would be greatly appreciated!

PS. it looks awesome, all you haters need your eyes checked lol

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I had the last version of this case and LOVED IT!

This case seemed to have fixed and made so many parts of that old version so much better, I would recommend this case to any one in a drop.

100% kick ass


Wonder if the side panel from the K59 would fit on the K63? It looks like the same design/pattern but just in unpainted metal.


If you like this case, check out Lian-Li's PC-B25FBW. It is all aluminum and has all the same features, granted it's more expensive, but way higher build quality than Lian-Li's "Budget" Lancool Line of cases. great review. Please review more Lancool and Lian-Li cases PLEASE!!

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That's a VERY NICE looking case Rodney, shame about the no fan slots on the window though(I don't really care about the motherboard tray being removable either =P).

I really like the tool less features and the cable management stuff, brilliant. If I was going to upgrade my case I'd either get this, the haf X or the Corsair 600T.

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i cannot seem to find this product to check on prices, any idea on the best price or place to find it? thanks a lot and great review!


I think that for the Bang-for-Buck this is a 100% kickass...

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Seems like a pretty good case


Is there room at the top for a radiator?


Like other people sad, its not an impresive exterior look for a 1st 2011 case but we will wait and see what other manufactures brings.

PS: For me 1st thing at a case its the exterior impresion than comes the other features

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I have a suggestion.

Use annotations that direct to certain parts/segments of the video, that way if some people want to watch specific parts or segments of the review they won't have to manually seek them. For example, (now) the first part of the review is an unboxing and the second part is reviewing the product itself. It can be broken down even further, for example, there is a segment where you review the exterior and interior of the case (in this video) and a segment where you go over the noise made by the fans included (again, in this video).

I don't know if this has been suggested in the past but i thought i'd share it anyway. thanks.


I liked the specs, wiring organization, and dark interior color, but not the curved exterior and window. I guess I'm a traditionalist and boring.:D

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I think most people will agree that the curved exterior is not all that great.

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I actaully don't really like the look of side panel fans. Sweet case, but its got some tough competitors in the price range (I'm guessing its going to be ~$120).

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i like the 2 fans on the front and the rubber screws
awesome review Rodney

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I like the Lancool cases made by Lian Li. Not all of them are the best like their main brand, but the quality is good for the price. :)


But now that I think of it, the K62 does look a lot better...


I jut bought the Lancool K62 like 3 days ago T__T

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How does the USB 3.0 get routed? Is it through the back panel USB connector or is it an internal connector?

Also, are there SSD adapters or place to install SSD in the hard drive bays?


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The USB3 is an internal connection that would be connected into the motherboards USB3 header.

Yes, 4 x 2.5" drives can be installed.

Rodney Reynolds,

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Thanks, Rodney!

Great review btw, and so nice that you could get your hands on this product so early.

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Thanks for the great review Rodney! (I have been quite busy with a ton of stuff and missed your last few live shows :( I am so sorry about that)

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