Tunebug Vibe Portable SurfaceSound Speaker Review

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The Tunebug Vibe Portable SurfaceSound Speaker is a unique product that transforms just about any surface into a flat panel speaker and does so at an affordable price. The build quality exceptional, fantastic styling and works with any device that has 3.5mm connectivity. Considering it's size, the sound it produces is outstanding.




If I stick it on my forehead can I hear sound in my head? :P

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This one really cool idea in a very nice form. However, it would be nice if you could try it out somehow with your own box our your own desk or whereever you would use it.

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the green circle, its a mini xbox lol
really impressed with the sound coming from it, alot of eyes are gonna look at this product for sure
and awesome music from you Rod

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I found it :D the song is Shaun Baker Feat. Maloy - Give (Michael Mind Remix) ty google and youtube lol.


Can you tell us what is the song plz :). On youtube or here plz :)
thank you.


even my htc hd2's speaker does that. The volume is not increased by that much but when I put it on a surface it sound louder and better.


you should put it on glas/window!

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This product could be built in the phone itself. Could it not?

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True, this technology could possibly be built into devices like smartphones and other devices.

Rodney Reynolds,
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Myles from L.A.
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Very neat product. Keep up the good work Rodney, did I say work? I mean, keep having fun sir!

Anyway, yes, very cool that you can just put it in your pocket and go... of course, if the sound isn't enough to entertain ya, just put it in your pocket while it's on.

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Not bad for a device you can stick in your pocket! Might need to check those out.

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Yea its not going to sound like a high-end bookshelf speaker setup but wow, thats so cool lol.

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All it does is bounce off the surface. I've seen it, it is absolutely sh*t, sorry. Speaker drivers have existed for decennia, because they WORK (duh). A table is not a speaker. Simple as.

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Well... Wow!

Can you really not go so hard on Rodney? There can be different materials that can give off different characteristics of sound.

Hey Rodney, how much of that mass is in a big box? Can you do a test with a box with very large amounts of mass and different materials? Of course, I don't expect the small speaker to have decent bass to go along with while traveling.

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What is that SONNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! Its so great :P


I want this so bad

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nice piece of tech and good sounding piece of music, who might that be?:-D


Very interesting...

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Trance music is the best. Who was that?