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The In Win Dragon Slayer Case has most of the features you'd expect to find in a mid-tower or full-tower case. This is very impressive considering it's a micro ATX case. There are plenty of drive bays, lots of included fans and more can be added, black interior, cable management holes, fits full length video cards and much more. Get ready to slay dragons ;)




Excellent case. Got it. Brilliant cooling and bought my temps down about 6 c (motherboard) and 2c CPU.

Ugly. If you`re a woman then ugly is bad. If you`re a bloke who buys something called Dragon Slayer, then ugly is good. To me it looks ugly like an Apache Gunship is ugly- Like a warrior is ugly! I don`t buy my PC cases to be pretty, but to do the work and look tough while doing it!

It`s Kickass.


the graphic card 5970x2 black edition whit 30,5cm works in it? thx

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really great case i would buy for a future build


will it fit the cooler master v8? thanks!

Sean_241_ Hulway
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I love the look of the silver mesh on any case I also like the power button :Power:



ya looks pretty cool with nice features but who in the hell uses micro atx this case looks and is designed for gamers. but most PC gamers have balls to the wall full size atx case with all the bells and whistles so i can assume this case will not sell good.

Sean_241_ Hulway
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Yeah that is true I love the look but wouldn't get it because of it being a micro atx case. =/


thanks rod

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Most of the newer case designs are rather "outlandish" while the interiors are almost 90% similar.  We need more clean cut and simple case design like the Apple Mac Pro casing.  The closest one that I came across is the Antec P183 casing which I purchased last month.

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Thats a pretty good case. Its good to see a dust filter on that big vent on the side.


rodders you seem to be happier in these recent videos


Rodney's chassis unboxing videos are hillarious. "Why didn't the couriers just make this so dirty that you can't recognize it" "A big slap here and a big kick there" "Damn those couriers" XD

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Given that this computer case has a 90mm exhaust fan, you can't fit a Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme CPU Cooler in a computer case.

Besides, this computer case is not for me, even for gaming.

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Can you give a measurement for maximum heatsink height allowed?

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If it had a huge handle bar like the Vulcan I would be sold INSTANTLY.

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About time a micro atx case like this showes up

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That has to be the nicest micro atx case I have ever seen, looks badass and it has a lot of the features of a mid/full size case,

This case could very well be good for even pro gamers, lots of possible good air flow, smaller case means less area to cool or let air sit or what have you, really the smaller the case, most of the time, the less air cooling you need. depending how thick the case is, you could even do some nice overclocking I'd say.

I myself would get this case if I was not going for a ATX mobo for my next build and if I didn't have my current full size tower.

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Its not the size of the case alone that determines cooling factors. Its all other components combined. Fan size, Air Flow Volume, Overclocking, Case Accessories, and Cable Management along good air flow through the case.

It doesnt matter if you have a Large case or a small case, if its choked for fresh air, you have a problem.

I do agree that this case would be good for air cooling gamers. Myself, i went with IN-WIN Maelstrom. If this little case has airflow like its big brother, id buy it for a good looking media/game pc. My kids love IN-WINs style.

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this case is filed with everything!

i think that modifiers will have TONS of fun with this case


When does it come out?


I think the case is very cool nice modern style and grills its almost black and it has bays at the bottom NICE

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I love that case, as micro ATX this case really good for LAN parties etc. I think it should be 100% KickAss Product.


Personally I like the case, It may not be for every one but it still looks nice

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quite ugly but amazing amount of features for such a tiny case!

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Whoa that thing looks ugly! :p