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If you're looking for one of the best cases on the market, you've probably found it! The Cooler Master HAF X Case has amazing styling, build quality and features to boot. With plenty of drive bays, a tooless design, lots of fans, black interior, cables management holes and much more it will be THE case choice for many. All this and it's still reasonably priced, what's not to like!



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I have a question I am planning to buy a computer that comes with a gtx 260 do you think it would be worth upgrading to a second one or just wait a while and upgrade later?


It's a shame a case like this doesn't have black sleeved cables on the inside considering they went to the extent of giving you a way of hiding the PSU cables.

It would also be nice to see them ditch their standard drive bay mounts with some new ones that natively support 2.5" drives.


Just sleeve them yourself. It's not that hard.


IMO this case is nice, but its not mindblowing for me. I prefered the HAF 932 in styling, but even that was on the edge of bearable. I find its too styled and agressive. I prefer a plain, clean case like the Corsair Obsidian 700D and 800D.

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Wow, this case is simply amazing if you look at the the nice features that it has!

I wish I could buy computers for 5$



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isn't this almost the same as the haf 932 (you can fit the same size of radiator on the top) ut you can but more on the side panel of the haf 932 so i think it is pretty much the same


It's a very simple mod to fit a 420mm RAD at the top.


Oh. What a wonderful case. Was wondering, if your able to turn around the 230mm fan on top so that it will be positive airflow?
And Whats the known price for this case?


This is an appaling case.

1st: It's catastrophically ugly, I didn't thought that after the 922 someone can make an uglier case, but seems that the only people that can do it are CM themselves.

2nd: What's with the missing dustfilters at the bottom? This is very cheap compromise, and it doesn't offer the "100% kickass" quality.

3rd: The duct on the side panel is a stupid solution, becuase every single bigger aircooler will hit it, thus making it useless. So why is it there in the first place?

4th: VERY NICE! work on the side panel window. All people can see through is:
- The metalwork for the 5.25" drive bays
- The top of the CPU cooler
- The fan at the back
Utter, utter, useless. I'd gladly trade this see-through glass for sound isolation or just for a nice-looking side panel as well.

5th: The dustfilters are nowhere near enough, the HAF cases turn into a vacuum cleaners a week or two after they take over your home :)

So, no offense, CM have put a lot of effort in the case, but all their job with the air flow and the features - they were complete and utter waste of time.
Because look at it!



Get a life


Why all the hate? I personally think it's a nice looking case, but that's of course just my personal opinion. I think it fits well with the target group, which clearly is enthusiasts and gamers. Some people like it, some hate it.

The missing dustfilters are a bummer, and CM should of had it, but with such a fantastic case, I'd put up with it. You can just take a piece of nylon pantyhoes and stretch it over the vents. Ghetto-ass dustfilter, but works.

The airduct on the side panel won't block any coolers, since it's located on top of the graphics cards and not the CPU. It's said in the video, that the case can fit coolers up to 175mm high. Even the Noctua NH-D14 is only about 161mm high. So no need to worry about that.

The side panel desing is again discussable. I think it's better to see something than see nothing. Would you rather see your graphics cards roast or would you rather not see them, but have them run cooler? If you think this is a stupid design, just look at Thermaltakes new cases with a tiny window. It's retarted. Sound isolation? Remember, this case targets enthusiasts, not office use. And the fact that it uses big fans, also reduces noice. Bigger fans can spin at a lower RPM, but move more air and are more silent at the same time. And you can always get a fan controller, if you like to regulate the speed of the fans.

I don't think that CM would cheap out on all the dust filters for their ultimate premium case. CM is known for build quality, great features and attention to details. They're not that stupid. But we'll have to see if people who buy this case will have that problem and post about it in the forums.

In my opinion, this case is one of the best on the market, if not THE best for many gamers and enthusiasts alike. CM has really hit the butter zone with this one, and if the pricing is decent, I believe that they will sell like hotcakes.


Very good review Rodney, thanks!

I wouldn't give 100% kickass though... with all these dust filters, why did they leave out the bottom one? It's like you locked all the windows and doors of your house but left the back door open...

~14kg, it's okay for a steel and plastic case. Nice touch for all black interior. cable management is better then the rest of the full tower CM have currently.

Anyway, just because of the lack of the bottom dust filter, I don't think I will be getting this case. perhaps next update, CM.

Thanks again Rodney.

- Kriss


i have a haf 932 and made my own dust filters everywhere... this case looks really nice, but iam not going to get it because it is missing:

- dust filter at bottom for psu
- aluminium variant

I also dont like that they have made the fans smaller than in the haf 932, they could have at least kept the size with 240mm fans.

They could also make the rubber parts for the hdds better, it is not absorbing much vibration since the hdds are having direct contact with the plastic.


Much appreciation for the review Rodney!


omg thank u coolermaster, i got a haf932 and it gets so dusty... im so getting this. thanks for reviewing it rodney!

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USB3 at the front? Thats awesome. I was wondering when cases would start having that.

It looks like it is a really good case, but I think the Silverstone Raven RV01 is still my favourite case


LUV at first sight, Great companion for my HAF 932 if I can get my hands on it


Great case for the EVGA X58 4-WAY classified MOBO.


Or the new Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD9 MOBO ;D


Now that's a beautiful thing...


Now that's a beautiful thing...


No bottom dust filters?


I know, couldn't they've used something similar to the ATCS 840's PSU filter system, or other HAF cases.

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This case would probably be the best this year, usb 3.0 ports.... dust filters that the 932 were missing..... the airflow..... the size( you can put any aircooler or video card in there).... the grommeted cable management holes..... can fit 4way sli.... water cooling potential, very helpful with rads..... vga holder w/ optional fan... this is like the corsair obsidian 800d without the crappy airflow and gigantic weight.


1 have the storm scout
pretty happy but watching this review. wow
nice job coolermaster one of the best case till now. Want to upgrade but full tower is pretty huge.(230mm front wow OMG)

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It might cost about $199, but I'm not sure about that. I didn't see that case at

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I wish I had waited but I am going to stick with the case I have for a while .


wow. i just bought the storm scout 2 months ago now i have to get this one because its better. lol. i love cooler master.


I really like your new in depth reviews!


Damn that is a nice case!!! Almost makes me want to upgrade from my storm sniper case.

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i agree it is 100% kick ass i like it a lot


Really awesome case!!! I wish i have the money to buy it =(
Good review Rodney =)

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Wow, its like the HAF932 but Awesomerrrr (note Tim Hortons commercial)

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3dgame man rocks!!!!!