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GMC H-80 Case is a mid-tower case that's loaded with excellent features. The styling on this case is a little extreme, but still tasteful. There's lots of drive bays, fans, black interior, hole of the motherboard tray for the cooler retention plate, cable management holes, dust filters and more. This product has everything you should be looking for in a case.




Is compatible the Sapphire ATI Radeon HD7950 Vapor-X Boost 3GB;


Great blog! Will require a bit of time to examine this blog.


Are these GMC chassis of a good quality? Cause I'm afraid of buying one.

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HOLY **** 250MM!


uhhh.. 3d game man any idea when this case is going to be released. and for how much.


apparently its out in europe and asia/australia... idk why its not out yet here in the US... seems stupid when they know they're gonna sell a lot of this here.


nice case but question:

Would a aftermarket tower heatsink (such as TR, Noctua, etc) would fit with the side 250mm fan? It looks like it would hit the side fan....


The design may be a little bit over the top. But it is well designed and similar to a hi-fi set. I would get this case if not for the price which seems to be at 120.

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do you think 1 huge fan is better than 4 small fans rodney?

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This case is a bit bulky for my tastes, but it's a really nice case. I just picked up a Cooler Master Storm Scout, and I love it. (:


very very nice
i love GMC H-80

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Nice looking case... I love watching your old videos about the pencil mods to the cpu and getting to 950 mhz.


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Rodney Reynolds,


I Can't find this case on sale in the uk


I prefer my Lancool PC-K62

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Great review, specially when you do not take in your design preference to the final results

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i like more my haf 922

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Wow. A *250mm* fan?!?! Little bit overkill for a mid-tower to me, but that's still good.



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Lots to love about this case, I like the idea of the protrusion on the cable management side of the case, that will definitely help with that.  I do happen to like the design of the case.  I wish the top and front fans were bigger, something like  the 230mm front and top fans on the Coolermaster HAF cases.  I agree with the "Kickass" rating.

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They thought of everything ! Eathen a 250mm Fan , which can exhaust or intake  a large volume of air , like Rodney said , the motherboard tray is not removable , but i'll give it a 100% KickAss Product :)

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Its good to see all those dust filters, especially on that big fan on the side


0:54 The cover does not look very solid. I don't think that it's made to stand any impact but it looks as if that little door would even be destroyed by a falling 100 gram weight
1:00 What does the LED Display show? Always the room temerature or can you also select eg. the CPU temperature? Can you also turn that LED display off if you don't like it?
4:06 Why do they have to put the dust filter right below the power supply? If you want to clean it you have to remove the PSU first :-(
4:44 The aircirculation is a little bit wrong according to your review: The back fan is missing, the 250m fan is missing, optional fan (installed at the top ?).

I really like that little plastic box where you can kep all the drive rails. The huuuge 250mm fan is also really great!

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1. Well, it is plastic.
2. The LED shows the system temperature, which is the temp inside the case, power and HDD activity (please refer to the image, which I included in video).
3. I agree, this is not the best location for easy access.
4. I'll update the video with the correct air circulation.

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This one is better than those old GMC that you have reviewed.

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Well If you put a paper bag over the case then that makes it kickass, then again that's just my personal preference. lol

What does not work for me is however is everything that is protruding outside of the natural box case dimensions. I would rate this as great and include my personal style into the rating.

Take the same case, minus the side vents, remove and reduce the plastic options on the front of the case, while keeping the display at the top. Then enhance the top with more options such as a tray, usb or fan controllers to smooth out the top area where the fan sticks out awkwardly. The front could have those grills at the bottom but where the GMC is should be flat, it's not needed.

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Well it looks better than the other GMC cases I've seen in the past but I'm not sure if that's saying much. They were always overpriced for an "older design" on the inside (like 80mm fans when everyone else used 120mm fans) and cheap flaps, buttons and crap everywhere. Haven't been impressed with them yet... have to see what this one's like in the review.


Nice looking case, looks a bit like the antec 902 though.


Anonymous wrote:Nice looking case, looks a bit like the antec 902 though.

Errr.. the only similar would be?.. nothing really.

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wow now that looks like a realy nice case i am hoping that lcd screen is a fan controler

Depth of Sol
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Same here. Fingers crossed. The case itself looks very nice, but an integrated fan controller would be a nice selling point.