SilverStone SG04-F SFF Case Review

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While there are other micro-ATX cases on the market, most of them don't come close to the SilverStone Sugo SG04-F SFF Case. This case has big case features; nice overall styling, great build quality, two golf bladed 120mm fans, supports video cards up to 10.5" in length, higher wattage power supplies can be installed and much more.




Rodney has been my man ever since his Zalman reserator review and x1900 aiw review.

I gota donate one day. I am going to buy this sucker :)

thanks Rod!



This case is a masterpiece.

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i like my case


I dont like SFF cases theyre too small really to fit a lot of stuff in. On the plus side of them though they are small enough to fit in say a teenagers bedroom. thanks for the review rodney :)


Thanks for a fantastic review as I thought the SG04 was just a SG03 with a new bezel and side panel!! Having built an SG03 I can truthfully state it is a great little case and the only one that I never "case modified". Works well with the Zalman series of low profile cooling and the SilverStone's rear squirrel cage cooler.

While there are some nice differences between the two the basic chassis is the same. My 03 ran both a 4870 and 260GTX with only needing to pay attention to make sure the power plugs didn't get tangled in the front fan.