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The SilverStone Fortress FT02 Case is one of the very best Full-Tower cases on the market. This case offers gorgeous styling, aluminum unibody design, lots of fans, excellent air circulation, removable dust filters, plenty of drive bays, cable management holes and so much more. This case is truly in a class of it's own.



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It's been a long time but I think this is something that I might want to consider this instead of FT03 (not the Mini, but with a Micro ATX) and use it as a convection cooling where the heat from the heatsink escapes out of the top of the case. I don't plan do do a lot of gaming, though.

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One thing that I've read that you didn't mention is that I've heard from people that have purchased this case have issues with long CD/DVD/BluRay drives and the ATX mobo. Some of the longer drives don't fit cause they running into the mobo. Is this correct and if so what are the measurements that you have to work with.


If nvidia make a possible gtx 495, do you think it be as long as the 5970? or it will be shorter like when we look at 5870 vs gtx 480?


Excellent work Rodney, you are the best case reviewer on the Internet. Two quick items:

It would be good to have you measure the distance from the PSU mounting location (just psu-length in from wall) up/down to the typical 24-pin and 4/8-pin connector locations.

At times you have said that you wanted more case makers to put in sound-deadening foam & rubber hard-drive brackets. To drive this point home, you should mention it in every review -- like you do with the CPU back-plate cut out and the removable motherboard tray features.

The SilverStone Fortress FT02 has both of these cool low-noise features.


What would the dimentions of the packaging be? Need to know because I am planning to pick this up in my Christiana Bike tomorow and it would be helpfull to know if it will fit.

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You're welcome and yes, this is an amazing product. Great to see innovation in the case market :)

Rodney Reynolds,

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Thanks for the great review, the price is indeed where you would find Cooler Master's 840 case however it does support most workstation motherboards which makes it interesting again.


I think the link is broken...


Yeah, use this instead:

An excellent case.
One of the additional pros:
Even though it only 7 card slots, there appears to be enough additional space to the left of the last slot to avoid a tight fit between a 2nd graphics card and the drive cages.