Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme CPU Cooler Review

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Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme CPU Cooler rated Great by 3dGameMan.com

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The Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme CPU Cooler looks fantastic in it's all black theme. It has a quiet blue LED 120mm fan, 5 copper heatpipes, lots of aluminum fins, smooth base and includes TX-3 thermal compound. It also fits all current Intel and AMD motherboards.




I personally think even 20 degrees lowered temperature is not enough, maybe 35 is impressive, but 16, not really.

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Come on Rodney that's the best result you could of given the product ? The test results alone showed you how good a cooler it is on such a highly overclocked CPU. GREAT PRODUCT....please Rodney I was expecting better. Cause I would definitely buy a cooler with such awesome cooling capabilities.

stock cooler
idle - 44c
max load - 88

Tuniq Tower Extreme
normal speed
idle - 33
max load - 72

*** According to the review and test Results ****

Now tell me u have a 11 and 16 degree lower temperature difference respectively for idle and load temperature and you don't find that Kickass !!!

and also note that when testing coolers and the max temp is noted... that there is no way the CPU will arrive at those temperatures for normal computer use...whether is dealing with music..videos..gaming etc. you never arrive at those temperatures unless you stress the CPU 100 % with Prime 95 etc.