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Lancool PC-K58 Case has everything you should be looking for when selecting a Mid-Tower Case. There are lots of drive bays, plenty of fans and dust filters, tool-less design, stylish and very well constructed. It's not hard to tell this case was designed and manufactured by Lian Li.




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I have the PC-K62 version. In addition to all the features that Rodney talks about in his review of the PC_K58, the Lancool Dragonlord PC-K62 is painted black on the inside and has two top-mounted 140mm fans with blue LEDs. I love it. The fans keep the interior nice and cool: although I've overclocked both my Radeon HD 5870 and my Core i5 750, they stay well within their recommended TDPs and the top interior of the case never gets warmer than 28 degrees Celcius. Awesome! And, IMO, it looks pretty good too.


Lancool PC-K62 Case,
Is black inside and it have 2 tops fans on 140mm with blue led.
I have one by my self and its great but it have some bad things to.
No case is perfect :)

Thx for the review I have been waiting long to see a Lancool case in the dragon lord series to pop up on your review list. :)

// Robin.Ă…