HIS HD 5870 1GB GDDR5 Video Card Review

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HIS HD 5870 1GB GDDR5 Video Card rated 100% KICKASS by 3dGameMan.com

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If you're in the market for the fastest single GPU Video Card, this is it! The core speed on this product is 850MHz and the 1GB of GDDR5 256 bit memory is 4.8GHz DDR. It comes with 1600 stream processing units for vertex, pixel and geometry data, 80 texture units and 32 raster operators. The pixel fillrate is 27.2 Gpixels/sec, texture fillrate is 68GTexels/s and the memory bandwidth is 153.6GB/s.



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I think that all this nvidia guys are simpy jelous... =P No hard feeling XD


LOL. Typical nvidiots can't stand being OWNED!! Must suck to have dropped down that much money on a dual gpu card that can barely keep up with a single gpu card.


First of all, the GTX 295 performs WORSE than the HD 5870 once you begin to kick up the Anti-Aliasing, which is essentially required to get the most out of your visuals, and therefore your video card.

Not only that, but priced over 100$ cheaper and performing almost as well as the 500$ GTX 295, this video card is highly economical. There have been many, MANY benchmarking tests done on Single GTX 295 vs Single HD 5870, and SLI Dual GTX 295 vs. Crossfire'd Dual HD 5870, and in both cases the HD 5870 almost always outperformed the GTX 295 once Anti-Aliasing is enabled, and gains a huge advantage once Anti-Aliasing is kicked up to 8x or so.

In addition, the GTX 295 simply lacks the power to play some games at higher resolutions (2560 x 1024/1600), while the HD 5870 is well equipped to handle higher resolutions.

In addition, @ the comment about the Fan being loud: During the test, the microphone was placed 4" away from the fan and (I'm guessing) did not have the case or any other hardware between the fan and the mic. I highly doubt you play with your ear against your PC's case, or with a naked (caseless) PC, so all things considered, in a realistic situation, that fan would be nowhere near as loud as it seemed in the video.

Another great review by the 3dGameMan, on a fantastic product. The "100% Kickass" was well-earned.


ill stick with nvidia u know no bad drivers and my gtx 295 owns that thing do a review on one of them


My old 8800 Ultra sound way more then this card, when in Idle it is not going above any other sound in my PC. When playing Crysis, it is noticeable. Got the Gigabyte brand.

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LOL at that video card. That is very loud at mid-to-max setting.

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