HIS HD 4670 IceQ & iSilence4 HDMI Video Cards Review

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HIS HD 4670 IceQ & iSilence4 HDMI Video Cards rated Great by 3dGameMan.com

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These video cards are based on the RV730 core which is built on the 55 nanometer manufacturing process and has 514 million transistors. Both of the PCI-E video card products has a core speed of 750MHz and the 1GB of DDR3 128 bit memory is 1700MHz. The AGP product is the same but with a slightly faster memory speed of 1746MHz. Watch the video to find out more...





While your Youtube demo of the HIS HD 4670 etc. is a great and fast paced video, there's some terminology that needs addressing. Since this doesn't appear to be some marketing department that doesn't like those bewildering "technical" terms - it's time to get them straight!

It seems that the reviewer has a bit of a problem understanding the difference between "speed," "frequency" or more specifically "clock rate." Hint: the three are NOT the same thing - and they never have been! When you head down the road and look at your speedometer, you don't measure your rate of movement as a frequency - for example, 3 kHz or 3 GHz. Conversely, you don't tune your radio or satellite receiver to a different speed.

Without repeating the text, consider:

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