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The Corsair H50 CPU Cooler is a great alternative to a custom water cooling kit. While it doesn't outperform a traditional water cooling kit it is half the cost, performs very well and is easy to install. Watch the video to find out more...




Stored your current site in my bookmarks.



Did you able to give me an advice to cool down a CPU Intel core I7 860 . I hesitate between a noctua D14 or corsair H50 or a system from CoolIT. CoolIT have my priority faced with the corsair (good or poor choice???)

Thank you.

Sorry for my English, I'm Belgian and I arrived by chance on your site, the videos are verry great;)

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How do you turn it on when not installed in a pc????

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Rodney Reynolds,


This is 7c cooler than the Aragon 900 water cooling which "odney" gave a score of 100% Kickass.
I guess he found the Aragon reassuringly expensive or something.

Rodney it's time to score properly - don't be so half-assed and use percentages..
Havn't been here in a while but I now remember why I left.