Cooler Master V10 CPU Cooler Review

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The Cooler Master V10 Cooler is one of the best air coolers on the market and comes close in performance to water cooling. The heatsink is comprised of aluminum fins that connect to 10 heatpipes which connect into a solid base. This solid copper base is extremely smooth which allows excellent contact between it and the CPU. They also include a 70W Thermal Electric Cooler (TEC). Having so many fins, heatpipes and a TEC makes it massive but it generates more than 200W of cooling power. There's no CPU on the market that will intimidate this cooler! Watch the video to find out more...




Mate! This blog site is cool. How can I make it look like this .


did you test noctua D14 ?

interresting to compare D14 to V10.

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yeah it´s really kickass !!!!!!!!!!!!


Well even a bit of wrikled up tin foil with ketchup as thermal compound will do a better cooling job as the Intel Boxed Cooler. No surprise so far.

The V10´s wight ist 1270 g. That put´s him to another Testing category. But even with a 70W - Peltier element it´s not reaching the Cooling Performance of e.g.: Thermalright IFX-14, Prolimatech Megahalems, CNPS 9900, ...

These types got less wight and you can buy two of them for the price of one V10.
...and you are able to cange you RAM ;-)



Please those coolers dont have a chance against the V10.


este cooler esta brutal caeria a pelo con case 1100 o el snyper de cooler master