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The Aragon 900 Water Cooling System is one the best water cooling systems on the market. It's packaged extremely well, includes quality components and performance is excellent. There are two 120mm blue LED fans pre-installed on the 240mm copper radiator, the CPU water block has a solid copper smooth base, the pump is powerful but quiet and the tank comes with an attractively design cap. Watch the video to find out more.




this is the only thing that helped me get away from real smoke. i think these products are a great idea and so far completely safe.


What I want to know is why you didnt think to include the other side of this issue ? There are so many things that youre missing here that I dont see how you could actually form an intelligent opinion on the subject. Its like you didnt even consider that there me be another side here.
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Sorry for the question where I can buy it since I am in Venezuela, and here come these equipostan not equally fast to me is cheaper to buy in Dollars in Bolivares.

If someone can give me help with this information you can write to twitter @ angelvalecillos Sorry my English do not speak or write very well thanks.


is there any store where i can buy this kit, or on the internet?

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It has been two years, so I don't know about the availability of this product anymore. I would go here and check out one of these other cooling kits instead. The next time anyone here has a question about a product that needs to be answered right away, please post them in our forum. Thank you.

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Hi Admin
Thanks for unique info and best video on Aragon 900 Water Cooling System, I found your great post by google. You have fulfill my need, I was searching for since morning.
Really Unique....................Thanks again


I can't find a single website or store that provides this product.
Although i would really like to build one of these systems in my computer, i have no clue where to find it or how mutch it is going to cost.
Maybe you could give us some hints?
After all, you have the product yourself in some way.


Please can you help me where I can buy the AMA 900 Aragon.


Rodney, I have to ask man, as adamknox points out, the h50 beat the cooling on this in one of your reviews on the same system. (It cooled at 59c !). Add in the fact the H50 is very affordable, and is incredibly simple to install.

Why did the H50 only take a "kick ass" rating, while this guy takes a "100% kick ass".

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The h50 beats this on the same system in rodneys other review :/ i bet this is more exspensive!


Please tell us where to find the aragon 900 it being 3 day searching on the net :P


Rodney, do you know any stores(s) that have the Aragon 900? Great video reviews BTW!

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How cost all the system?