Antec Nine Hundred Two (902) Case Review

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If you're in the market for a mid-tower case, the Antec Nine Hundred Two (902) Case is one of the best on the market. It's jam packed with lots of excellent features at an affordable price. There are lots of fans and one massive 200mm fan at the top of the case, which provide excellent air circulation inside the case. There are many drive bays and modular HDD cages, which can be configured for your particular drive setup. It also looks great from the stylish outside to it's all black interior. Watch the video to find out more...






do u know where to get temps. i am comparing this 2 the 1200. don't know if its worth the extra $60.

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in my opinion, (small as it may be =/) this case deserves a 100% kick-ass product rating. this thing can fit even the new Eva 3-way classified motherboard in it with 3-way sli AND a separate card for physx possessing.  this case's airflow also keeps the north bridge cooler temp. down and with the noctua nh 14-d (which also fits) keeps the cpu temps ridiculously low.

i admit that this comment is just about the non 100% kick-assness. the review itself was awesome! keep up the good work! =D


Got this case because of the review. I was kind of up in the air on my decision to go with the Antec 902, NZXT Tempest, Cooler Master HAF922, or the Thermaltake V9 Black. This seemed like the best of the bunch.

Love the reviews!