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The Cooler Master Storm Sniper Case is feature for feature one of the very best mid-tower cases on the market. With three fans (2x200mm & 1x120mm) it has excellent air circulation, tooless design, quality build, excellent styling, etc. It even comes with integrated handles at the top. This is the case you've been looking for! Watch the video to find out more...



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Wow that is sure a kickass case for a computer, I was looking for some reviews because I am builing a gaming computer and would need a great case with enough ventilation.
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looks pretty awesome ;>


This is the case you've been looking for! Watch the video to find out more...


Nice case, Cooler Master generally seem to produce good quality cases. Do you know what the guarantee would be on this type of case?

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love this case. i love the look and features this case has to offer for a first time computer build.


i have a qeustion is there a dust filter ad the ventelation hole ad the bodem for the powersupply?? becaus its not mentioned and i would find it verry important!!

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This will be a great help for me. I am now in the process of creating my resume and its been really hard for I still lack knowledge in other gaming platforms. Apart from having post grad studies, I have resorted to reading as much as I can on the web to widen my grasp.


just got this case, and i must say that it is the best mid tower case i've ever seen and used. the cooling is amazing with the stock fans installed, and with a fan installed at the bottom and one on the side panel, you will for sure have one hell of a cold pc. + it doesnt even make alot of noice... i now run it on %50 fan speed, and its nearly relaxing listening to it.
ofcourse if you turn the fans to a maximum it will sound like a small vacum cleaner, but i've been playing alot of games, such as crysis, mass effect 2 and dirt 2 on maximum settings, and on %50 fan speed it still keeps cool.

so listen to hes review, this is the best mid tower case on the market.


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Kickass indeed