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The Cooler Master Sileo 500 Case is one of a few silent computer options. It has acoustic foam on both side panels, top and bottom. This means that the case is really quiet and it's an excellent option for anyone who requires a quiet computer system. It also comes with lots of drive bays, two 120mm fans, tooless design and looks great. Watch the video to find out more...




Excellent review!! Thanks.


Cooler Master sucks!

I really don't see the point why the supposably well-respected companies have to cheat their customer like this!

I recently bought the PC chassis Sileo 500 by Cooler Master. In all the official pictures the case was presented with metallic silver pads at the base. Instead you get some cheap regular plastic feet not even rubberized in the tone of producing a silent vibration free product and look totally unappealing. Thank God you cannot even see them instead of the glorious demonstration of the fancy ones over the official site (and otherwise). At least the company can judge what is ugly and makes the choice to cleverly hide it. Prise to that Cooler Master!

You can of course argue that this is a minor detail but always just always on those situations you get less to what you see. I can understand the cheap technique of having plastic mimic brushed aluminium but not the so striking changes where you get something totally different and always of lower quality both in terms of material and looks. I really don't see the point why companies act like that. While they succeeded in making me buy this product (by making a fool out of myself) they totally failed earning more money since I was planning to get more products from them. And of course the even bigger damage to their profit is that I do not find a reason which I should suggest Cooler Master to friends. So they loose even more money with those kind of cheap advertisement techniques.

Bye bye Cooler Master (Cooler Sucker rather). I was planning of getting a PSU and CPU fun also from the same company with triple the price tag of the chassis itself but never gonna happen.

Stay away if you have some self respect and want to be treated as a proud honer of a decent product. Never gonna make the same mistake twice.


Cry like a little girl more.

If you are bothered by such a minor fact you must be angry at insanely HUGE number of companies.

Yeap, on official site they altered photos, but its a damn good case and its your fault for not searching the web before buying it.

Its cheap and silent with overall very good quality build. I am just sorry that it does not have design of CM 690 II :[ I like it way more.

If you hate those rubber feet so much, then paint them yourself, or if you are just whining know-nothing loser use felt tip pen...