Infrasonic BLOW5D Studio Monitor Speakers Review

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The Blow line are available in a few different models. There is the 4 series which are 55watts and the 5 series which are 90watts. Both have a D line as well. The 4D and 5D differ from the standard models and include a digital interface module as well. The Infrasonic BLOW5D is a shielded, powered near-field studio monitor speaker and features a two-way, bi-amplifier design to achieve high quality sound. Frequency response is broadened downward by a bass reflex system and broadened upward by a natural silk dome tweeter for delicate signal reproduction. Enclosure design contributes to the broad frequency response. Watch the video to find out more...




Cool speakers and very detailed review. If you're going for monitor speaker why would you even want 5 series of these? I think 4 series is more than enough, unless you're trying to use them in the concert. But for that you need even more powerful stuff.

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