Cooler Master Silent Pro M 700W PSU Review

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The Cooler Master Silent Pro line of power supplies are currently available in three wattages; 500, 600 & 700. I reviewed the 700W model. The +3.3V rail is 28A & the +5V rail is 25A. There's a single +12V rail which is an impressive 50A. This is one of the best power supplies I've tested in this range. It's quality built, efficient, ultra quiet 135mm fan, uses Japanese capacitors, modular and comes with a 5 year warranty. Watch the video to find out more.




Thanks. A very nice video. I've learned a lot of new about coolers and now will know better how to choose one. As for me, I gathered the computer myself. I read a lot about it (downloaded several nice books from torrent SE ) and as a result I got a pretty nice PC. Unfortunately I saved money on cooler first so soon I had to change it. Well, never save money on the cooler. It is one of the most essential details of your computer.


Hello:) If i want to use this power supply for Crossfire, witch cables do i need to add:)? Thanks for answers;)