Cooler Master ATCS 840 Case Review

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The Cooler Master ATCS 840 Case is one of the very best full-tower cases on the market. It has all the right ingredients; excellent air circulation provided by three 230mm fans and one 120mm fans (more optional fans can be added), dust filters on all intake fans, plenty of drive bays, looks great, superb design, quality build and so much more. Also, if you're looking for a case to install a large radiator this case does. It even comes with an external air duct to assists to pull warm air from the videos cards out of case. This case is currently the king of full-tower cases. Watch the video to find out more...




Thank you for the review.
I'm going to get it :D


There seem to be a production/design error. Notice the color, the headphone and microphone (time 1:55 in review), they are the opposite to whats normal and some users say they dosent work. Hows about youre chassi RR?


The front panel audio connector has connections for both AC97 and HD Audio. For those who say it doesn't work, I am willing to bet they used the wrong connector, or did not properly configure the audio in the BIOS. A friend of mine just got one of these cases and I honestly don't recall if the colors match the pictures for the front panel audio.

All in all though, if that is the only fault one can find with the case, it's still worth every penny. I've built a lot of machines over the years and worked with a lot of cases, this is the best by far.