Thermaltake Spedo Advance Package Case Review

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The Thermaltake Spedo Advance Package Case is just loaded with features and many are very unique. Like for example an adjustable fanbar, repositionable HDD cages, cable routing management system, advance thermal chamber and wireless left side panel fan. This case looks great, has excellent air circulation, plenty of room to work and lots of drive bays. This one of the most innovative computer cases I've seen in years! Watch the video to find out more...



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I bought this case after spending months looking and reading up on dozens of other cases.I had intended on modding it and than starting a new i7 build, but after my PSU went out on my old case it got put to use sooner then planed.
I had been using a mid size tower case for the last 6yrs with my main rig and when I went to install a new PSU (OCZ 750 power stream) I decided I had enough of cramming and fighting this small case.
I still plan on doing some mods to the Spedo but will wait till I have my new components gathered.
I have never enjoyed rebuilding a computer in my life as much as I did with this Thermaltake case, it is awesome.
Lots of room to stealth wires, cables etc...
And the cooling is great and quite. And I have more then enough room for ANY future upgrades or additions.
This is the best case I have ever owned, if I would have known it was this easy & roominess I would have used it right away rather then waiting almost 2 months.Get one you won't regret it.

This is a 1,000% KICK-ASS CASE!!!!