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The Cooler Master V8 CPU Cooler s rather large measuring 120 x 128 x 161.1mm and weighs a heavy 865g. So when transporting the case be very careful, otherwise it might damage the motherboard and/or CPU. Note that this cooler is designed to cool the faster CPUs on the market, including the Intel Quad Core processors. The CPU Thermal Design Power or Thermal Design Point specification for this cooler is 180W. is 180W. The heatsink is a combination of aluminum and copper (Note that the copper heatpipes and base are all nickel plated). The aluminum fins are connected by copper heatpipes which connect into a solid base. This nickel plated copper base is extremely smooth which allows excellent contact between it and the CPU. This cooler is the next best thing to water cooling! Watch the video to find out more...




your cpu cooler v8's review video is not working properly!


I want too know if the v8 fits on a asus rampage extreme motherboard HELP PLEAS (its a old'ish board)

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great review, which makes me want to buy this heatsink for my system.


I will buy this for new system. Thanks for the review.


Is the CM V10 cooler better than this?


Yes but it cam harm your board (its very very heavy) you cant go to lan's in a hurry you will break your board,,

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I have a Cooler Master HAF 922, with the 200mm x 30mm fan optional fan at the side. Will there be enough room for installing this CPU cooler?