Cooler Master HAF 932 Case Review

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The Cooler Master HAF 932 Case is overflowing with excellent features. It has three massive 230mm fans which makes it one of the best cases on the market for air circulation. There are plenty of drive bays, cable management holes, tooless design for installing drives in the drive bays and cards in the expansion slots, large radiator can be installed at the top, reservoir fillport and much more. This case is steel though so it's fairly heavy and it doesn't come with a removable motherboard tray. It has bold styling, but some might not like the military theme. Watch the video to find out more.



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The lack of dust filters on the intake fans destroy the purpose of dust filters anywhere on the case...

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This case rocks... lots of room... the you can fit a 120 x 240 or a 120 x 360 radiator in the top of the case...

the 240mm fans are QUIET !!!

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