Windows 8 Start Button, When?



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There is a start button in Win 8.1 (kinda) - totally useless affair that parachutes your backside back into that metro start page that all Windows GUI purists hate.

Personally hate the entire Windows 8 ecosystem not just because of the lack of a start button or the start page. I hate it for far more reasons:

1. It lags when accessing anything that is not SATA attached. My Win 7 system never did this. Sure, once it finally gets going it is nice and fast, but I hate clicking on my network (and even my USB3) drive, and counting to 20 while it takes its sweet time actually accessing the drive. Never a problem with Windows 7 for me.

2. Aero gone. Sorry Microsoft - Aero was my favorite feature of both windows 7 and vista. In the case of vista Aero was its only redeeming feature. What we get in its place is this flat, sharp cornered, boring window graphics system that frankly makes me gag. I don't need a lightweight windowing system! I have 64 frigging GIGABYTES of memory on my system, a decent 3D graphics processor and 6 overclocked I7 cores. System resources is not a problem!

3. Ties in with (1) in gameplay or some video playback my window randomly freezes for a fraction of a second then resumes. With a system of my specs, there is absolutely no reason for that. In fact Under Windows 7 I never saw that kind of silliness. Only under Windows 8+.

Sure I can put on WindowBlinds and at least approximate Aero themes, but that turns around and makes my windows glitchy and sometimes downright weird when it just can't get things right. Nothing can replace the native window graphic system - certainly not simple overlay systems. And nothing I have tried can help that non-sata drive access lagginess.

I have honestly tried to move away from Windows 7. I've taken a poke at windows 8, 8.1, 8,1 Update 1 (new name for service pack 1) and still I find myself ripping it back off and re-installing my Win 7 Ultimate SP1 (and patching the heck out of it).

Ok guess I'm done with my "I HATE WINDOWS 8" rant for today :D I really hope they get it right for windows 9, but from what I am hearing Microsoft is even more determined than ever to merge the code base across all OS hosts - desktop, laptop, tablet and phones. That means things won't get better, they will get far worse.


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Windows 8 Start Button, When?

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