Upgrade or Wait? (Z97 or X99)



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well I've been running an X58 for about five years now and I think it time for an upgrade to the x99 platform.:)

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My 2 year old X79 + I7-3930K + AMD HD 7950 + SSDs + 64GB memory system is going to be more than enough for my needs over the next few years - especially since I am now retired.

I don't put the heavy workloads on it that I used to anymore.


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Been running an X58 setup since August 2009 so it's nearly 5 years old now and does everything I need adequately. The only real upgrade I did was last month from a GTX 295 to a GTX 670 because of DX11 Watch Dogs.

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Upgrade or Wait? (Z97 or X99)

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