Best Game of 2013



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Don't think I've bought any new game released in 2013. I'm still trying to go through games that I bought from a Steam summer sale two years ago. lol

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bioshock infinite , they had also came out with better an exciting adventure , the game I have been playing basicly non stop wasn't made in 2013 but I still love it because I have mod it to where I get a lot of laughs plus they have just came out with the DLC multiplayer an that game is Just cause 2 ..I mean how can ya not go wrong with the grappling hook an hang someone from a tree an them screaming saying" i'm going to be sick" haha

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Steam is the single best reason to own a computer for gamers. Always low prices and endless hours of games that I might die first before ever completing them all.

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i will say Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite!

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