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I'm on as well. Like Teksavvy, Start in the Toronto area is based on Rogers, but appears to have some features that actually beat out Rogers like an option of a 10 Mbps upload speed. I looked at Teksavvy, but from what I could tell they are really not the company they were 5 years ago and have been getting a lot of thumbs down in the web - and not just for the parts of the cable service they have no control over.

My plan is 35 Mbps down/3 Mbps up and I get very close to that every time with a 200GB cap for $50/month.

If I want an unlimited cap, add $10/month.
If I want 10 Mbps upload speed (rather than 3 Mbps) add another $10.

Like Teksavvy, you need a DOCSIS 3.0 modem to get speeds over 20 Mbps. Start offers them for sale for $99 or you can rent one for $5/month. I bought mine (Thompson 476) at a local computer store for about the same as Start charges -- I just saved some shipping costs and waiting time.

I recommend buying your own modem either from the ISP or the store since it pay itself off in about a year & half compated to the rental charges.

As I don't have a burning need for the add ons (I have no need for 10 Mbps upload or more than 200GB bandwidth), I simply stay with the non-enhanced service. Sure beats the crap out of what Rogers is charging for worse service.

Start does offer lower tier plans as well.

Oh and one more thing: If you already have a cable internet service, installation/activation is free.

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Here are my results for the TekSavvy 28/1 plan I have now:

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I started using START Communications which is also a TPIA, but based on Cogeco infrastructure and they're located in London, ON. I'm using the standard cable package which includes 20 megs down and 2 megs up. The package I have isn't unlimited in bandwidth usage (150 gigs a month), but they do offer genuinely unlimited packages without caps. The good thing about my ISP is that downloads from 2-8 AM do not count towards the monthly usage limit and uploading is unlimited as well which is great for YouTube content creators. Another great perk is that tech support is easy to get hold of since it's still a relatively small company, although the hours aren't 24/7 like TekSavvy's. I pay about 45 bucks monthly for my package and I decided to buy the cable modem from the ISP instead of choosing to pay the monthly rental fee, and the modem also includes a one-year warranty. The service can be cut at any time as well since there are no contracts. I've been very satisfied with the service so far and haven't had any severe issues except for a few minutes of downtime.

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Most modems already have Doc 3 Charter,comcast usually keeps everything up to date on the hidden charges?...mmmm not really unless you have more services witht them than just having internet.Now with that being said you always have to read the fine

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