FRAPS Slow, Why?




Fraps only slows down gaming whilst recording movie if you save to the same hard drive you are running the game on. The movie destination folder should always be on an another drive, and preferably SATA not USB.
The FPS meter will not slow gaming or run slowly.
I assumed by slow it was meant the movie recording slows the game.
I have sorted out tall fraps issues been using it for years, fast multicore CPU's and big cards really help. Fraps won't work well on lame systems.

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Hard drive performance is very important for FRAPS. You can always choose settings that are more file space conservative but then that requires more compression time from the memory and CPU that will slow down the actively running games.

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Rodney Reynolds,

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I dont use fraps. I use Bandicam or MSI Afterburner

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my problem with fraps is that my sound is super silent ingame, but teamspeak is a normal volume.
anyone have any idee why that is?

thanks in advance pigman ;-)

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