Slim Computer Cases?



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There is in fact company called Streacom that makes FANTASTIC slim computer cases with passive heatpipe cooling build in. Rodney you do not wish to miss out on their cases. Do a review on them if you can get in touch with Streacom. I do not own a Streacom case, but If I were to build a hometheatre PC I would as sure as hell chose a Steacom F1CS EVO chassis.
Heres a link to the chassis
And heres a link to contact Steacom for you Rodney :-)

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Can't say I've used any slim cases in a PC build. I've built two portable computers using the "APEX TX-381-C Black Steel Micro ATX Tower Computer Case", it has a sturdy handle and can fit a normal sized PSU, video card and other accessories. Overall it's kind of cheap quality though, so I only recommend it for a poor-mans portable lan gaming pc.

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