How much system memory is enough?




Most people have way more RAM than they need. Your average casual user will have plenty of breathing room with 2GB, though facebook games can be resource hogs.

I've got my casual use computer, which is for email, word-processing, gaming (though my graphics card is showing its age :$), music production, and administration. It's about 6 years old, and my 2GB is usually comfortable.

I've also got a computer that I use for work, and I do simulations in it. It's currently got 8GB and it's nowhere near enough. I'm upgrading to 32GB, but I could easily go up literally a billion times (I'm not joking).

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i think system memory will go a lot up if you use games. because new consoles have 8 gb ram. so i expect ram usage of the pc to rise to 8+ gb ram. so in some years 16 gb would be standard.


4GB is enough for PC running without any fancy programs and background services setup, my entertainment PC (games and movies ONLY) runs without antivirus, just plain OS, codecs and games, so 4GB is enough, plus it's too old (C2Q & DDR2) to gets and upgrade (not worth while).
For my laptop, I felt very stressful with 3GB, it's just not enough and too much swapping most of time, I open several browsers for some reason and lots of background services, it's a working laptop and I multi-task it most of the time, with browser nowadays, RAM lower than 2GB is going to be very stressful for the hard disk (swapping), SSD will help but without a good CPU (I'm only on C2D now) it's going to be a waste. Going for new laptop soon, this suffer enough and needs proper retirement.
8GB from the poll tells that 8GB has became common, but it seems RAM price going up recently, might wait a bit... erm....

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I hsve 6 GB on my home pc and 8 on my laptop. I consider anything in between to be enough and perfect for me


ther is no game thant require more than 4 gb so 4gb is fine.

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I remember an older Q&A video where you recommended 4GB, but now RAM is so cheap that 4GB seems a little low. I think 6-8GB is adequate for gamers, but the machine I'm using now has 16GB, it's stock RAM on an ASUS ROG notebook.

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i say 8gb is enough for must things though i have 16gb.

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4 GB for your average Joe who doesn't run anything else while gaming, 6 GB for people who like to run a browser with multiple tabs and run a game, 8 GB for the hardcore people like Rodney and 16 GB for people that run things like Pro Tools with multiple browsers with +5 tabs open.

The reason why I gave these numbers is because my gaming rig has only 4 GB (DDR2 667) of ram and I can run a game, have Pandora running and browse the web with just under 1 GB of memory left. My parents laptop has 6 GB of ram I can run a game(MW 2 at the time, have 6 tabs open, plus have Pandora open, and watch a 1080p Youtube video and still have 2 GB of ram left. The average to addicted person imo really only needs maybe 6 GB of ram.

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It never hurts to have a bit more RAM in a system, but I agree with #1. Even for most gaming rigs more than 4GB will not be an actual necessirty. Still with todays prices one might as well get 8GB unless putting together a low budget system. 6GB is a wierd number to build on, but one can find that a lot in OEM systems who use whatever RAM modules they have lying around. I sight when I see laptops with 2GB soldered to the motherboard and just one SODIMM slot available, but that's common amongst todays slim models.

Now I may have 24 GB in my main system, but that's because I splurged when the prices were really low and I like to experiment sometimes with crazy stuff like an 8 GB RAMdisk. There's nothing I really do that wouldn't perform just as well with 8GB of RAM. With DDR3 prices on an expected constant rise from now on people will be even more wise to spend it on a sizeable SSD to house all their software, including games.


If you're doing straight gaming and nothing else, 4GB is fine as most games these days do not take advantage of all of that. Although, to future proof, 6-8GB would be a good amount to get before the DDR3 prices go up further. 8GB is just fine for Photoshop with 6-7 browser tabs open and even playing a game in the background, but that would depend on how powerful your CPU and GPU are. If you have nothing else open other than a browser with a 3-5 tabs, then video rendering is no problem at 6-8GB, as well. I truly don't see the need for anything higher than 8GB at this point unless you do heavy video, sound, and image editing at the same time.

For anyone who is wondering, I use 4x4GB DDR3 Kingston HyperX Blu 1600Mhz memory.


in internet explorer or opera works great 1080p videos.


I think 4 gb of system memory is enough.

rodney please help me When I watch 1080p HD videos on Youtube with Firefox they're choppy and not smooth at all. The same problem does not happen with IE or Opera.


Thats probably because you only have 4GB