120Hz Gaming Monitor (Pros & Cons) + Best 120Hz Disply for Gaming?




Any news or article for 120Hz IPS? Might just wait for it... *poor kid excuses*


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I think the main point of the 120hz panel is being missed here. It really isn't to get your games to run at 120hz, its to get 3D to work correctly. 3d requires the 120hz, 60hz to each eye. If you are wanting to take advantage of the game titles that support 3d you will need to have a 120hz display.


I also have a Benq XL2420T, at least for me the difference from a standard 60 Hz panel was very noticeable.

Some people say that a 120hz panel + nvidia lightboost completely eliminates motion blur from gaming, but I've never tried that.

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i think i am gonna wait until it gets more affortable.

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I have a XL2420T and it is just flat out amazing for games, compared to an average TN panel is gives more than just a slight edge. And even if 60+ fps cannot be achieved, it will still reduce input lag since the monitor is refreshing more oftenly


And yeah before you even consider buying 120hz make sure you can actually run games at 120ish fps or you'll find yourself upgrading your system a month later.


I got the benq xl2420T and it is solid. For average gamers and alike I can't though recomemend getting 120hz, as I don't think they will benefit much from it. If you have the money, sure, but I think it is mostly meant for hardcore/competitive gamers that want to gain that edge or just to top of their expensive setups.

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Nice to hear thoughts from a 120Hhz owner. Thx for posting.

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