Budget Gaming Computer Parts List?




The best budget computer parts cant be put on a list because the best budget computer is a mix of compromise(whether it be budget or the general direction of the build) and whatever pops up on sales and email specials. My general recommendation for anyone who asks me for advice for starting a budget build(my advice changes for more expensive builds) is to subscribe to newegg, tigerdirect, and ncix.us and watch their weekly/daily specials the next 3 weeks to a month. A strong understanding of the current market/general prices will help you identify the "super deals" as compared to the "meh" deals. At the end of that month you wont have exactly what you wanted at the start of your quest, but you will have the best bang/buck computer you could ever hope for.

Having a microcenter nearby is helpful, they have outstanding prices on cpu/motherboard combos and pc cases. Plus, they have most of their cases on display so you can get a feel for the case before you buy it.


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