Why Removable Motherboard Tray?



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I have ALWAYS loved removable motherboard trays (and have one of Rodney's motherboard tray t-shirts proving it), especially with the monster cases I tend to use. Can you imagine trying to work with an original CM-Stacker case without one (shudders).

It really saddens me to see the old standbys like CoolerMaster and Lian Li actually phasing out their cases with removable motherboard trays in favor of the cheap-to-make stamped & riveted monolithic junk you see today. My current CM HAF-XM doesn't hold a candle in quality to the CM Stacker 832 it replaced. And that 832 was nowhere as near the beast my SM Stacker STC-01 was (that sucker weighted in near 50 pounds empty).

With tears in my eyes I am afraid the days of the motherboard drawer are drawing to an end.


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I like them, build a PC for a friend that had one and its pretty convenient to have.
Though it not a deal breaker for me if it doesn't have one. Unfortunately on my current case, the motherboard tray is not removable...but frankly not once did i go "darn wish my motherboard tray was removable" :)

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Hey bud, good to see someone else out there that likes removable motherboard trays. I understand that in some situations it doesn't make sense, but with a normal computer setup, it really convenient.

Once you go removable, there's no turning back ;)

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I just wanted to say hello, I have not been very comment active in a while but I always watch your videos when you post a new one!

I love the removable motherboard tray in every case, even my cases with water cooling, I have designed the loops so that when need be it is easy to just remove the tray. I wish that more case manufactures designed there trays where the whole back panel (slots and all) was removable and not just the spot where the motherboard mounts (like some of my Lian-Li cases are) but if you have the money and time to design your case where the tray can be removed it makes quad yearly cleaning much easier, plus if by chance your loop springs a leak (NEVER WISH THIS ON ANYONE) it makes drying and repair much easier! Not to mention if you have it set up modular the look is very clean and that is what most are going for when you install a window right?

I guess the best thing to say about this is, well it is always better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!

Best wishes always to you Rodney, hoping all is well!

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