Best bang for the buck gaming CPUs?



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Gaming Budget and it costs for about 660$ with windows included.

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FX-8350 or the 3570k are the two i personnaly consider while building a good gaming computer (at around 750 to 1000$)

I can go with lower cpu power when some clients needs to have a budget build and still want to play some games as dual core are still doing fine in 80% of the game... The FX-6300 or the FX-4170 or the FX-4300 or Intel equivalent I3-3220 or Pentium G2120 are still doing a lot of work for their low price...

Also for really cheap build, we can't forget AMD APUs (the A10-5800K in perticular)

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I build a PC for a friend who had a really really tight budget (500€ ~ 645$) and i went with the FM2 AMD Athlon II X4 750K and it is more than we expected. Does everything he wanted (including games like Skyrim, Crysis 3, COD BO2 etc.) combined with 8 gigs of DDR3-1600 ram and a HD7770. This is really low budget but if u want a decent gaming-system and u don`t need to be able to max everything out I think it is a good pick. We got that CPU to 4ghz on a cheap Asrock-board.

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Bang for the buck?

AMDs Piledriver line is certainly a good choice, the FX-6300 is basically a great choice for anyone on a budget and the FX-8320/8350 is another solid choice. If you overclock any of those they respond even better and overclocking them is easy. On top of that AMD still has another CPU release for AM3+ and hopes are high we will see another boost in overall performance.

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Cant go wrong with a i5 3570K for gaming ! A very popular CPU among gamers.