Intel Ivy Bridge-E CPU?



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I'm one of those outta control insane enthusiasts that just has to max (for me) my systems. While i don't bother with the power hungry SLi or Crossfire setups, I do believe in maximizing my general compute power, memory and storage thruput/capacity.

I do run an i7 3930K Sandy Bridge-E chip (6 cores, 12 with hyperthreading) on an x79 board so I am looking forward to seeing an ivy bridge version of this chip. To date I have not been all that keen on ivy bridge due to their heat production when overclocked. I am not sure badly how it would heat up if I ran one of those I normally run my 3930 (mild 4.5 ghz oc). Hexacore chips are harder to keep cool than quads just as quad core chips get hotter than dual core ones. 4.5 Ghz in an ivy-core based hexa just may be too hot to keep over long term. Right now I'm a waitin' and a seein'.


Until you have had your head stuck in the innards of as many PCs as I have (about 30 years worth), you will never appreciate the value of a mobo tray. It really is not that tough to set up out wiring so it plugs in around your periphery. A little velcro on the back of tour tray makes a good tacking spot for wires and is easy to get out of the way. Some of the cases I work with are full towers. You often just don't have the desk real-estate to go lying them down across the top of it so that to mount/dismount motherboards.

Unfortunately computer cases with motherboard drawers are going the way of the dodo and that to me is one of the saddest changes I am seeing in the computer enthusiast case market. The Coolermaster HAF XM I am using today (no motherboard tray) does not hold a candle, quality-wise, to the Coolermaster CM Stacker 832 it replaces. And that Coolermaster Stacker was just a shadow of the quality of the original CM Stacker STC-T01 it replaced. Believe me, you really do NOT want to go trying to lay a CM Stacker STC T01 down on your desk!!

Oh and both of the older stacker cases had custom water cooling while the newer one has an aio 2x140mm liquid cooler. Never had an issue hiding wiring with any of them.


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Question for you Rodney: Why do we need a removable motherboard tray? For me that wouldn't be very efficient because if I wanted to pull out my MB-Tray and swap parts that would effect the whole cable management behind the mb-tray and If I use a watercooling loop I would have to dismantle all my watercooling from the motherboard.
What people need removable motherboard trays? I cant see myself needing it atm. (I use watercooling on my components)