Is 1080p Low Resolution?




What happens when you play a game or watch a movie that has a lower Resolution than the screen your on.
For example, if I play GTAIV on 1920x1080, on some new monitor with 2560 x 1440 or on the new 4K, wouldn't the graphics and stuff be like plugging in my PS1 to my Flat screen 1080p TV?

My current screen for my computer is a Samsung 22 inch Flat screen TV that its resolution is 1680Ă—1050 and 60Hertz.

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I consider 854x480 low resolution, 1280x720 for medium resolution, and 1920x1080 very high resolution. Blocky graphics do not bother me.

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I do think its unfortunate that 1080p has become a standard for "all" monitors out there today. Especially if you look into photography and editing pictures on a 1080p display, it just isn't enough pixels for highly detailed editing, Im so frustrated about why companies just don't sell higher resolution displays nowadays. 4K should been released many years ago IMO. 8K should be today's mainstream monitors, its just the TV/computer monitor industry holding back on their technology to milk their customers for money and earn the big bucks. Very unfortunate for the consumer indeed..


i think the resolution is less important than pixel pitch if you see a 1080p 20" between 22". but when you get to 24" and higher monitors than it is not so good anymore. because the ideal distance is around 1 meter for 24 inch hd and i think almost no one sits so far. most of us are between 80-60 cm from the screen.

so 4k 24 to 30 inch monitors would be a lot better especially for reading.


The more the better but I think anyone would be hard pressed to tell the difference between a 1080p monitor and a 4k monitor, Projectors are a different story..