Headphone Burn In?




Sony XB300 is $50 headphones.... they are not going to have high quality components that require burn in....

It's also more likely that the user is getting used to the sound of their new headphones than actual acoustic characteristics changing.


I've got a Sony XB300 headphones, I think they are awesome. I honestly have not noticed any difference in sound quality since I bought them, but I'm not an audiophile. The only thing that has changed is initially the headphones were causing pain on my earlobs and other areas. Now they are extremely comfortable and I don't experience the pain anymore. So I don't know If it's burn in or If my ears have just gotten used to it.

These were my first headphones though, I usually used in-ear headphones..


I've never heard of burn in before, but speakers will over time will lose their ability to reproduce certain frequencies just through use. The first to go are some of the top end frequencies which produce the wispy and airy sounds. But like you said, unless someone is really paying attention to these things they would not notice, and due to our brains being the amazing things they are it's very likely you couldn't hear a difference in sound anyway. Psychoacoustics is what it's called which, in short, is the stuff that happens between our ears receiving sound waves and our brains processing the information. Because of the complexity of this process it's pretty hard to trust anything we hear with our ears when we're looking at the nitty gritty of frequency analysis, but luckily it's not really that important. It may be to some but adding psychoacoustics to the mix means they could be hearing anything :D

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I have some sennheiser HD 598s (very good for gaming) and when I bought them they had zero bass but after they had burned in there was a noticeable improvement in the sound quality.