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Hi there!

Two years ago I had enough from the noisy PCs (at work and where I live, there is so much of noise that my ears hurt) and wanted to have a really silent case. I looked around the market for quiet fans and ordered a few brands, like Noiseblocker, Noctua and so on, but my winner was the Coolink SwiF2 120 mm ones. They operate on 8,5 db/A. I have 5 of these in a Haf XM case, paired with a fan controller, if they don't need to operate at 100% (winter times, cause I live in an old house and it's kinda chilly anyway). I also like the look of them, they have these green blades, which are really looking cool, when you mount some light behind them. The cables are covered in quality rubber too, so humidity can't get a hold on them and they have anti vibration mounting ability.

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I like Bitfenix Spectre pro fans.

You dont know me but that's the way i like it!


I'll second that!
Love the BitFenix Spectre fans as well!

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Thank you Rodney for the video.
I was searching for the case which comes with built in fans. I have Antec 1200 case. It has 3 front, 2 rear, and 200mm top fan, and that is enough. They all really quiet fans, and if you want you can put them in medium or high speed. The front fans have a speed knob.

BTW, I really enjoy watching all of your reviews. Thanks!

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You're welcome bud.

Rodney Reynolds,