Windows 8 Upgrade Compatibility?



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I actually like windows 8, maybe i'm strange, i don't know.
I don't even feel the need of the start button.
Clicking in the left low corner is in fact faster and easier, at least for me, cause you don't have to look for it and it brings you the start menu instantly.
I was about to buy start8, but i got used without a physical start button.

By the way, you don't need to upgrade, you can actually do a clean install using the upgrade key, which is cheap.

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I tried it and found it not that user friendly. I like change but only when its for the better. Hopefully they get it right with Windows 9 or maybe they can patch Windows 8. I wont buy it the way it is not even for 40 bucks

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For me Acronis and my Intel nic's on my mobo where not compatible. Once OS was upgraded it fixed the NIC's on it's own and Acronis said a patch was coming. So far I have yet to find a piece of software besides Acronis that I can not run. If you upgrade your Acronis to 2013 version, it works with Win8.


Change Rod, its called C-H-A-N-G-E....let the blanky go.

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Oh, if anyone is welcome to changes it's me, but I personally don't like Windows 8. Sales reflect that most others don't like it either. For a tablet, it makes sense, but for the desktop, not really.

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In a word, Start8 from Stardock. Sure it costs $5.00 US funds, there is a 15 day free trial, but it gives you the start menu as it was in Windows 7 and really helps bridge the gap. And if you really hate the Modern UI you can set Start8 to totally shut it off. I am a heavy desktop user and yes I am someone you uses the Start menu every darn day. This goes a long way to make Windows 8 more flexible and user friendly. Just my 2 cents.

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Classic Desktop is free and does just as good. I could hide all aspects of that crap Metro with it and get my start menu back (along with a few additional tweaks).

My gripes with Win8 are not necessarily compatibility - I could run everything I could run on Win 7. My gripes were solely with the desktop user interface. I just plain don't like it and Microsoft has given me nothing to revert it to a Win7 look & feel.

Progress my pasty white a$$. Win 8 is progress only for tablet and phone users. It is a 25-year step backward for desktop users like me.

** Ran Win 8 for about a month, formatted, now back to running Win 7 x64 Ultimate. Much happier

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