Hardware Customizable Tablets/Smartphones?




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Well we've had laptops for a long time now, and as much as I have wanted to put a custom cooling solution, CPU or graphics card in my laptop, it has yet not come to the market. I do not believe in that the future will bring customizable tablets. To me it would not make sense at all... Tablets and laptops is "fastfood-computers", my custome fulltower PC is enough for me to get satisfied with.

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It would be awesome to customize tablets, I think in the past manufacturers focused more on getting the device as streamlined as possible, keeping the for factor slim and free from removable slots. Many phones and tablets you cant even open to change the battery.
It would nice to be able to put the new mSATA type drives in a tablet, but no idea how the power requirements could be met. I don't see many other things that you would be able to change other than storage.

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2:09 lol i jump on the chair hahahahaha

btw i think tablet and smartphone will keep be no customizable just more powerfull and/or with a durable battery due to the series of chip comin the only part customizable will be the external skin. on the other side the pc in next years will become tiny due to the less power required to run and the laws to reduce environmental impact

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i think the big reason desktops will dissapear is because your average joe who only uses his pc for webbrowsing and checking his emails will use a tablet and hardcore gamers will go for a playstation or xbox or whatnot. parts for pc's cost a fortune. i mean if u want a very good gfx card u will already spend about 500 euro on that alone. a playstation costs only half of that.
stiil there will always be hardcore gamers who swear 2 a desktop as being the best.

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The PC is the best gaming platform.

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The PC is the best gaming platform for a few games that require serious hardware, otherwise there are consoles and tablet games. Unfortunately, the trend is consoles and tablets :(

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But I can not play Assassins Creed on triple screens on a console. Or at anywhere near the same detail levels. Plus lack of dedicated servers on the console 90% of the time makes multiplayer a joke. Xbox Live is the best of the bunch but I hate it because it, well, sucks compared to PC games with dedicated servers. Plus the same game on PC is going to look better almost every time thanks to higher resolution textures and other mods that can be done. Speaking of mods, the mod communities place the PC far ahead of the consoles as well.

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I agree with you that smartphones and tablets will never really be customizable. A vast majority of the population care far more about the software experience. A couple of weeks ago I went to a local best buy and they had at least 15 notebooks and 10 tablets on display. They had more all in one pcs on display than they did desktops. I truly believe that in less than 5 years time you won't see desktops on store shelves anymore. The closest you will see to a desktop is an all in one pc. Desktops may be incredibly cheap to buy these days but notebooks are now hitting the same price points.