Top 20 100% KICKASS Cases?




I have the Antec 1100 - which I loved until I had to clean the dust off the fan filters one too many times. I still have it, but it is no longer my main pc.

Today, my main pc is the Silverstone Fortress FT02 (red interior). I have had one issue in that the power leads for the drives from the power supply in the back to the drives in the front are too short. Or power plugs for drives were nowhere near the drives.

I tried to extend the power via splitters, etc. It did work for a while, until one day I was upgrading from 2TB drives to 3TB drives, and the drives were ruined. e.g. the initial formating, etc of the drives did not have enough power, I believe because of the connectors from the power supply to the drives. The PS was a Silverstone SST-ST1000-P all modular. So I had an 'extension cord' [the original provided modular cable from the PS] plus another extension cord to the drives, and somehow they had current, but not enough current on that day.

I replaced the SilverStone PS with a PC Power and Cooling Silencer Mk II 950W High Performance 80PLUS Silver. The power leads are NOT modular and are long enough. No more extension cords for this one!

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True enough. Some of these full tower cases are almost to large.

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