Fastest Video Cards?



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AMD's 7970 is the best option and the fastest for games that use DirectCompute such as Civilization V. Nvidia 690 is the best option for the games that relies on DX11.

For GPGPU AMD 7970 is the best and the fastest aswell, [email protected]

So it all depends on what we are refering to.

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What kind of question is that? The answer is clear as daylight: GTX690 is the king of the hill (HD7990 it doesn't exist but on the paper)!

For the single GPU videocards at stock speed, the order is kind of like that:
HD7970 GHZ Edition>GTX680>GTX670>HD7970>GTX660Ti~HD7950>GTX660~Hd7870........

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Well, there is no 7990 aside fromt he powercolor Devil 13. But that was custom made since AMD never put one out. I will stick with my SLI 680's though.


gtx 690 is the best!!