Best Video Card Cooler?



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water cooling is great, except when you have to change the coolant. That gets annoying after a year or two

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In my humble opinion, the best cooling is provided by utilising a great case like the ones made by Silverstone which suspend the graphics cards from the roof 90 degree. With fans drawing in air from the base of the case, blowing over the cards and out through the roof of the case. It lets natural physics operate, ie hot air rises, so keeping the cards and everything else in the case cool. I use a RAVEN RV02 with 2X MSI gtx580 twin frozer 2 cards and its a great setup.


msi twin frozr 4


Only reference coolers are blower-style. Not mentioning that blower-style is noisier.


So what would would choose out of these three?
Asus GTX 560 DC/2DI/1GD5
Gigabyte GV-N56GOC-1GI
Please help me choose as I am getting either one of the two next week.
Thank you! :)

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Personally i think Gigabyte has better cooler and 2 fans, but two models are almost the same(As Rodney said they blow air inside the case). My old 9800GTX card died after a year because i had bad airflow. You should think about getting a good case with better airflow.

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