Push or Pull, Corsair H100 ALC?




H100 pull with Corsair static pressure or Corsair airflow?

I have 4 airflow fans pushing air inside, plus a frontal 200mm fan pushing also.

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Personally I use a pair of high-static pressure 115 cfm Panaflow Ultra fans to push outside air across my Corsair H100. For liquid cooling- it is all about static pressure and these panaflows are beastly for static pressure (Other good ones are the Scythe Ultra Kaze "H", Delta AFB1212SHE or, if you don't mind bleeding ears, the Delta AFB1212UHE 252 cfm air monster - It'll make your computer hover a foot off the floor). With this setup even under-volted for noise I get extremely good performance. Downside is the fans are 38mm thick compared to the 'normal' 25mm thick fans.

Finding a case that can mount this setup on the top was, challenging. The Cooler Master HAF-XM was the only one I found with enough space under the upper radiator 'bonnet' to house 38mm fans. Not even the monster HAF-X or Cosmos II had this kind of space.

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