Repair Mouse?



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Unless you have a very expensive mouse, i really don't think you should spend money repairing it....


using same logitech mouse since 2008(or 7) and works perfectly even today and it is probably cheapest there is (~5$). From time to time have to clean dust from inside when motion wheels start to jam. Threw out that single screw that holds top and bottom, so cleaning takes about 15 seconds.
But, if a problem is beyond possibility to repair with home tools, than probably it is time to give up and buy new one.
Same with every item. Had keyboard that had lost a button, so i made myself me button out wood, worked fine (now that i think about it, i could just replace it with button i dont use, like "home", "end" or some similar:)
Have same headphones for 5+ years (~10$). Low quality cable reacting with body acids over time started to become plastic hard and just breaks, or wires inside breaks. So had to cut off every time a portion of hardened or broken cable and solder back. finally it became so short that i had to replace whole cable. Headphones itself have both legs broken and were impossible to fix using glue, so i reinforced both with outer shell construction made out of old power supply. It is impossible to adjust size anymore, but don't even have to, because it is correct size to my head size and metal even improved looks of headphones :). So far probably 3 years now headphones have no more problems. I'd say if drivers are in good condition it is possible to fix any problem there could be.
On the funny side, my young brother somehow managed to break 5 headphones over 2 yearperiod and each time went to buy new ones. When i said "why don't you try to fix them yourself, you would save lot of money and don't have money for new ones anyway" (goes to mom every time for money), he said something like "why to fix, when i can buy new". No comments after that :D

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Rodney Reynolds,

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I've had my Logitech G500 for 3 years. About a month ago, it started to double click because the copper spring wore out, so I took it out and bent it back into shape and put it back, and viola. 3 year old mouse, back to new for hopefully another 3 years. Until I want something different. :)

However, the copper spring is a very very small and extremely thin sliver. It actually bounced off my hand and had a hard time looking for it on my carpet, while at the same time trying not to accidentally step on it and completely destroy it. I even had to get on my hands and knees cause it's so small. Was not fun. And putting it back into the mouse correctly so it springs/clicks and functions correctly is actually pretty hard, especially if you've never done it before.

The middle *spring* part actually has small teeth that are less than a mm in length that have to grip and line up to the metal base that it attaches itself to perfectly, or it just won't work. You gotta LOOK at that sucker and make sure it's secure properly. But hey, I got it in the end and I have a nice sturdy click now, and now my mouse no longer double clicks.

And best thing to do to prevent from wearing out the copper spring is not to press down on the buttons so hard. I know some people who basically have scorpion stingers for fingers and basically attack the mouse buttons as some kind of prey. When a mouse is rated for X amount of clicks, that number can be dramatically be reduced just by merely pressing down on the buttons too hard and causing the copper spring to wear out faster, and the first sign that the spring is worn out and is about to die is when your mouse double clicks on a single click.

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I always have problems with every Mouse I ever used. Within a year, They start double clicking on the left or Right Buttons, Its a problem that has plagued every mouse I ever used, no matter if its a Logitech, Microsoft or a Razer. At some point the buttons will just double click on single clicks making highlighting or moving things on the desktop difficult.

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Well I broke my scrollwheel on a Microsoft IntelliMouse 3 toke it apart glued it toghether and voila fixed still works fine after 3 years.


I love my Microsoft Sidewinder

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Have 3 mice I really like. One is a Razer Naga Hex, but the number 5 button was stuck "on" right out of the box. I have a 2 years warranty, so no hurry to get it fixed just in case other buttons go haywire.

My other mouse is a Logitech G5 mouse, SOLID excellent mouse, 6 years old, but 2 times now when I boot up the computer, the mouse will not light up, the laser does but not the lights on top, and the mouse will not work unless you re-boot, so not sure if its a bad USB port, bad driver or the mouse.

My other favorite mouse in the MS 4000 mouse, great mouse, but don't game with it. Good for everything else.

Only mice I would by from now on is Razer mice.

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I took mine apart just to put a led in it.

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I RMA'd my Razer DeathAdder 3.5G 3 times, then vowed never, EVER to buy Razer ever again. The scroll wheel bug happened on that mouse 4 times in a row. Now that, is bad. Sometimes warranty support still doesn't work. All I have to say is Logitech FTW. They're probably the best in terms of warranty support I've ever seen.

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Logitech is very good on support. Right up there with Corsair and Crucial. They just get shit done.

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I agree. Logitech is bar none the best when it comes to peripherals. Processing an RMA with Logitech is quick and efficient. A lot of the time they won't even ask you to ship the faulty product back, they will just send you a brand new one. Even when they do ask for products to be returned, they pay the shipping costs.